EPM Software

Operational management software for the transport industry

EPM are leading providers of operational management software, enabling customers to gain control of their business through implementing our range of integrated software modules and analysing their performance.

What we do

Our software includes:

ETM Analysis

ETM Analysis

Contract Performance

Contract Performance

Large Traffic


Depot Revenue Reconciliation System (driver shorts and overs)

Operational Performance Module (OPM)

Operational Performance Module

Engineering Management System

Engineering Management System

Route Performance

Route Performance

Concessionary Analysis

Concessionary Analysis

ETM Data Analysis

ETM Data Analysis System

Tailored operational management software

We understand that not all aspects of our specialist software will be relevant to every business. That’s why we’ve created a flexible service to suit our client’s needs. Choose from our operational management software modules for a more targeted solution.

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Integrate with third-party systems

At EPM we like to be connected. Our software has interfaces with key industry suppliers, including leading electronic ticket machine providers, scheduling packages, fuel systems, mobile ticketing and cash machines.

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Data capture on over 20,000 vehicles

Helping you stay informed, our software collects and combines data from all areas of your business. Once consolidated, you can review the data and analyse areas for improvement.

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Safe and secure hosting

We have partnered with NTT Data and the UK-based infrastructure hosting provider Six Degrees Group to support the EPM platform and to continue to deliver a highly-secure, flexible service to clients. Six Degrees are well accredited and will provide a safe environment to host EPM and customer data.

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Certified to keep your information safe

We take cyber security seriously. Our two cyber security certifications highlight our ongoing commitment to our customers: The Cyber Essentials PLUS Scheme and The IASME Gold Governance Standard.

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Trusted Experience

Partnership boosts business performance

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Why choose EPM software?

Unique solution

Our industry knowledge and integrated software covers all operations in the bus industry.

UK based

Our support team is based in the UK offering specialist industry knowledge.

Consolidating data

We collect and combine data from across a business using integrated solutions.

Interested in our software?

Our expert and knowledgeable software team are here to help you.