Have you agreed your concessionary fares reimbursement parameters?

There is just over two weeks to go until the DfT’s deadline (26th May 2018) for appealing concessionary schemes in England for 2018/19, therefore it is recommended that your reimbursement parameters are reviewed and, if necessary, challenged as soon as possible.

One area we are consistently finding improvements for operators is in respect of marginal capacity costs – generally, operators are being offered a rate that is far too low for their operations, or in some cases they are receiving nothing at all. The increases in reimbursement we are securing for operators can be substantial – frequently in excess of an additional 15%.

If you would like to discuss your reimbursement arrangements, or would like a review of the rates proposed by your Local Authorities, please get in touch with Jon Anton on 01527 556940 or jon.anton@epmorris.co.uk.