Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG) – DfT IT Project


Following the Discovery Project that was undertaken earlier this year to review the BSOG IT system and underlying processes, the DfT have written to operators to advise of future changes to the administration of the BSOG scheme. Note that this does not relate to the wider BSOG reform process or the criteria that is used to determine BSOG payments.

The Department are essentially looking to digitise the claim process, providing operators with an on-line portal through which both estimate and actual claims can be submitted. The system should enable claims to be checked automatically and validated against other sources of Open Data that are available. The Department plan to have a prototype system in place by Summer 2019 and will be contacting key stakeholders in the new year to provide assistance with the development. For users of EPM systems we will be able to provide the necessary output files to interface with the Department’s on-line portal.

A copy of the note that has been submitted to operators can be found below – the “Project Summary” link will take you to the Open Data Institute website where you can see the results of the Discovery Project and an outline of the proposed claim process.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Matthew Hanlon on 01527 556940 or at matthew.hanlon@epmorris.co.uk.


Email to operators 9 November 2018

Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG) – IT Project

Over the summer of 2018 the Department has been working in collaboration with Deloitte and the Open Data Institute to deliver a Bus Service Operators Grant discovery programme, to test whether a digitised system would make the BSOG claims process more efficient than the current, largely manual and paper based system.  A Project Summary including a copy of the Final Report has now be published for information.  We would encourage you to take a look so that you are aware of progress to date.

As a result of the discovery project a decision has now been taken to proceed to alpha phase.  During the alpha phase we will work closely with bus / community transport operators and other interested parties to build and test a prototype system.  We plan to have a prototype system in place by summer 2019 and we will be contacting a number of key stakeholders in the new year to help us with the development process.

Over the coming months we will provide the BSOG community with regular updates.  We would also be pleased to hear from you, and we have therefore set up a specific email address (bsogdigital@dft.gov.uk) so that you may contact us with any ideas / comments you may have relating to the project.

Please note that this letter has been sent to the email address we currently hold on record for you, however we are conscious that you might wish us to use a different email address for communications specifically related to this project.  You may wish to consider creating a generic email address (rather than a named individual) that can be monitored by key staff to avoid disruption to communication caused by staff changes.

Would you please therefore confirm by return to our new email address bsogdigital@dft.gov.uk the contact details and email address you would prefer us to use for this project.

We look forward to working with you over the coming months on this exciting project.

Yours sincerely,

BSOG Digital Team